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Why we love Lobs (and why you should too)!

Have you heard about lobs? They are an great look and they’re super trendy right now!

For those that haven’t gotten the memo about this cute cut, thing of bob hairstyles but longer. A long bob, a lob! There, you got it! If this hairstyle appeals to you, we’re sure there is a cut and style that would look great on you! Here are some of our favorite celebs to rock the lob!

As you can see, this cut looks great on a variety to hair textures and colors; awesome with a middle part, side part, or bangs! The possibilities are endless! If you want to know more from aveda artists about styling a lob, check out this great Living Aveda article HERE.

We hope you love this look as much as we do! If you have questions, our stylists at Charisma would be happy to help a lob thats right for you! Call to schedule your appointment today!

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