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Finding the Best Haircut for your Face Shape

Do you ever wonder why a style can look great on one person then fall flat on someone else? Just like dressing for your body type and using contouring to accentuate your facial features, the right haircut can be used to highlight your face shape and tone down areas of your bone structure when needed.…… Continue reading Finding the Best Haircut for your Face Shape

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Updos: Old Hollywood Glam

With formal season approaching, we’re taking a look at updo trends from the red carpet. Whether you’re getting fancy for prom or heading down the isle, you want the perfect ‘do to complete your look! This week, we’re letting our hair down with Old Hollywood Glam hairstyles! The best thing about the gorgeous curls of…… Continue reading Updos: Old Hollywood Glam

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Which Color Fits Your Style?

There are so many hair color techniques it can be confusing. What does it all mean? Here’s your guide to figure out which color fits your style. BALAYAGE/HAND PAINTING  The Balayage technique gives natural, sun kissed unstructured highlights by painting lightener freehand directly onto the hair. We start with finer strands at the scalp and…… Continue reading Which Color Fits Your Style?

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What We’re Learning

Always focused on learning the latest techniques and trends, Lisa and Julia attended the Aveda “High-Fashion Hair Styles” class on September 23. This hands-on class demonstrated high fashion styles, from salon updos to runway-worthy creations, inspired by Aveda’s award-winning stylists and the trendsetting looks they create on celebrities and runways around the globe. Just in…… Continue reading What We’re Learning