Our Staff

With Love, From Robin Wolfe


Dear Friends,

Thank you for letting me be part of your lives for the past 30 years! I’ve loved watching your milestones, your family growing, seeing your life experiences, and being part of your celebrations. The reason Charisma has been successful all these years is because of your support.

I’m writing to tell you personally that the time has come for me to make a big change. We don’t get very many chances for reinvention in life and need to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. After 31 years it’s time for me to close this chapter of my life and start something new.

I’ve hoped that someone special would be ready to take over Charisma someday. I’m excited that Tamara Miller and her husband Kevin are the new owners. Tamara has been with Charisma for 16 years and shares my passion for taking great care of our guests. She is ready for the next level of leadership and I know she’s the perfect person to carry on our legacy.

Although the salon will have a new owner, the rest of the staff you know, and love will stay the same, including your stylist. My sister, Lezlee, will continue with Charisma and will be instrumental in the transition.

My mother was a successful realtor for over 30 years. I saw her commitment, drive, and love of people help her be successful and I have tried to incorporate that into my own business practices. My mother was a big inspiration to me, and I’m excited to follow in her footsteps. As of January 2, 2020 I’ll start my new career doing residential real estate with Berkshire Hathaway East.

My partner, Bob, is the fire chief in another city. He’s a very busy person with important obligations and will continue in that position.

Our relationship has been very important to me and I don’t want that to end. I would like to continue to be part of all your milestones, helping you buy or sell your home. If you’re curious about how I can help you, please email me at robin.wolfe@penfedrealty.com or call me at 316-641-5166. You can check out my website at robinwolferealtor.com.

Thanks again for all your love and support over the years.

Robin Wolfe




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