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Tips for Thicker, Healthy Hair

Between weather, styling with heat, and using the wrong products, our hair takes a beating. Taking care of your locks can be a chore or you can work smart, not hard!

First, remember that what you eat effects the health of your whole body, including your hair. Eating certain foods rich in the right vitamins and minerals will have a strengthening effect of your hair and nails. Some of your favorite foods may be contributors to hair health, or maybe you’ll find some new favorites to work into your routine.

Check out this great list from The Thirty
for hair healthy foods! 

Second, remember that styling your hair in the same way, day after day can cause breakage and weakness in that area. We know your busy routine can make it hard to get creative with your styling, so we recommend finding a few easy, tried and true styles that you can cycle through. Switching between a braid, high ponytail, messy bun, low pony tail, ect. can give those stressed areas some rest and keep your strands strong.

Finally, if your hair is more than just stressed, but thinning, Aveda’s Invati Advanced 3-step system. Invati utilizes an Exfoliating Shampoo that gently exfoliates, cleanses and renews the scalp, followed by a Thickening Conditioner and concludes with a daily application of the Scalp Revitalizer, which is reduces hair loss. These great products come in a line for men and women and true to Aveda standards, is 98% naturally derived!

Watch the Aveda Invati routine and volumizing style tutorial by beauty blogger Brittany Marie! 

Aveda-Invati-Adanced-capelli-hair-beauty-kate-on-beauty-660x400Aveda Invati is available at Charisma salons and during all cut and color appointments our stylists are happy to give a consultation on what Aveda products are right for you!
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