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Happy First Day of Spring!

The “down-to-earth” brow trend will hit big in 2019. That means we will say goodbye to the overly sculpted, rigid brows popular on Instagram. This new brow trend will require fewer steps and less definition. In 2019, you want your brow to be fluffy and less-perfected. This new look will add youthfulness to the face.…… Continue reading Happy First Day of Spring!


Happy International Women’s Day!

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” For International Women’s Day, bring your bestie/favorite strong woman into Charisma for a day of self-care! We want you to look and feel fabulous on this special day honoring amazing women everywhere.     Stop in today to see…… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!

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Brow Defining!

We’re not defined by our looks, but our looks are strikingly defined by our brows. Aveda’s new multitasking Brow Definer shapes, fills and grooms brows with a 100% naturally derived and vegan formula. Enriched with a balanced blend of botanical waxes and minerals for smooth gliding, long-wearing color that’s smudge proof, and water, sweat and…… Continue reading Brow Defining!