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Charisma Center Stage: Larisa

One of the best things about Charisma is our wonderful team! We want to take a little time to help you get to know the awesome people you’ll see when you visit us!
This time, Larisa takes Center Stage!

Larisa Puttroff Center Stage

Larisa works as a stylist at Charisma West.

Larisa’s bucket list is simple, her goal in life is to take a trip around the world someday. Larisa is a believer! She and her husband love to travel, hike, dive, snorkel, cook, play games and have adventures together! They have moved around a lot in the past 12 years. It has been great experience for Larisa as a hairstylist, she’s gained a lot of professional and life knowledge. Larisa’s husband is from Kansas, they moved here to be closer to their family.

Larisa and her husband love to be around their friends, family, and two puppies.

Schedule your next appointment with Larisa and learn more about her!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Charisma Center Stage!

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