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Charisma Center Stage: Amira

One of the best things about Charisma is our wonderful team! We want to take a little time to help you get to know the awesome people you’ll see when you visit us!
This time, Amira takes Center Stage!

Amira Yaacoub

Amira works as a stylist at Charisma East.

She brings her #InnerBeautyOutward here in the salon by delivering great customer service through her experience and professionalism. Amira wants to build a solid clientele, travel the world and spend her future creating something special to her, like a shop or salon. You may be surprised to learn that Amira was born in Lebanon but raised outside the country and that she speaks Arabic.

Schedule your next appointment with Amira and ask her about her latest travel plans!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Charisma Center Stage!

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