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Aveda Earth Month 2018 was a Fabulous Success!

This year during Earth Month, Aveda hit a huge milestone! Since 1999 they’ve raised an impressive $60 million for environmental causes. All over the world, Aveda salons did their part to help raise awareness and funds to benefit clean water causes. Check out this awesome article from LivingAveda.com about some creative ways Aveda salons made Earth Month count!


The impact of Aveda’s annual Earth Month is amazing, but its important to remember our individual impact can last year round.

First, supporting Aveda is a no brainer, because of their continuing commitment to sustainability, renewable energy and creating products with naturally derived ingredients since their launch in 1978.

Also, in your everyday life, you can make the same commitments to lessening your negative impact on the environment. Using less water and electricity can have a substantial effect on power plant emissions.

Discover the benefits of a reusable cup; take a cup with you to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, not only will you receive some friendly smiles from servers that are happy to help you make a difference, but you’ll also be amazed at the number of disposable cups you’ll go without.

Commit to removing single use plastic items from your life, from paper grocery bags (that make great garbage can liners once you get home) to beeswax food wraps to replace saran wrap, you’d be amazed at the innovative products, both old and new that will help you on your earth love journey.

We wish you the best of luck turning Earth Month into Earth Year! Its a great way to share that #innerbeautyoutward! Care to Share? We would love to hear about ways you go green, leave a reply below!

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