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From Robin: An Exciting Announcement!

Robin Wolfe

My dear friends,

I am excited to share the news with you! After a lot of soul searching, we’ve decided to put our west location building on the market, preparing to move to a new, smaller space! While we’ll be sad to leave the space we’ve loved for over 18 years, it will give us the opportunity to create a fresh, new vision for our Aveda Lifestyle salon.

When my husband and business partner, Bob, and I first built the salon on west 21st Street, big salons with lots of spa rooms were popular. Today, the business model for salons has changed and cozy, more intimate spaces are what we’re looking for, bringing people closer together.

Our entire staff is just as excited as we are about making a move to a new space. A beauty makeover is always fun! While some things will change, what we love will stay the same – our incredible staff, the products and services you love, and our name will make the move with us.

It’s time for a change! We’re ready to lighten our load, and have a landlord, rather than be one. We’ll be in touch while the building is on the market and we plan our new space, to keep you informed and get your feedback.

We love and value our new and longtime friends that are part of our Charisma – Inner Beauty Outward salon family. We can’t wait to take you with us on this thrilling adventure and see what happens next!

In the meantime, know anyone who wants to by a 5,000 square foot building?

With love,

Robin Wolfe

Charisma Inner Beauty – Outward


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