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On the Catwalk – For Water

On Monday, April 10, Charisma joined together at the new Hudson venue on Commerce Street, with 10 other regional Aveda salons and three beauty schools to raise money over $17,000 for Audubon Kansas/Missouri at the 2nd Annual Catwalk for Water Earth Month fundraiser!

Catwalk for Water is an annual green carpet event for participating local Aveda salons to come together to raise money for Earth Month by showcasing their inspiration, creativity and technical skills in hair, makeup and fashion. Using the earth as their muse, design teams created a comprehensive look that celebrated beauty, fashion and Aveda’s mission to care for the world we live in. Money was raised through ticket sales, a silent auction of Aveda products and other goodies from local businesses, and retail sales of limited edition Aveda items and jewelry.

We had a blast getting ready for this event. Our style team, Norma, Chelsea S., Chelsi L., and Olivia, had fun creating our look for the Catwalk. Their costume was inspired by the pride we take in the city, where we live and work. The costume was created from Wichita newspapers and magazines, cutting out pictures of people, sports, locations and local retail stores and restaurants that have had a positive impact on our city. The train for the dress and headpiece were made from recycled soda and water bottles. Flowers, made with water bottle lids, dipped in pigment, added a splash of color to the headpiece to represent the beauty of spring and nature. Recycled batteries and lights were strung through the train to add some sparkle and shine light on all the amazing things happening in Wichita. Our clients even got in on the act, helping us collect the several hundred water bottles and newspapers, used to create the design.

“The Catwalk for Water was a fantastic experience,” said Lezlee Brown. “It was fun to bring all the Aveda salons together to explore our creativity and raise money to help our community. The talent we have in Wichita is impressive.”

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