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Charisma Center Stage: Katie

One of the best things about Charisma is our wonderful team! We want to take a little time to help you get to know the awesome people you’ll see when you visit us!
This time, Katie takes Center Stage!

Katie works at Charisma East and specializes in updos, cuts and specialty colors.

She says the best way to bring katie-center-stage2her #InnerBeautyOutward is by sharing her values and displaying a genuine and loving character. She challenges herself to put actions behind those words. She wants others to know her not just by what she says, but also what she does.
One thing on Katie’s bucket list is to set aside a few times per month to spend teaching Bible study for younger children. She wants to share stories and scripture to help equip them for future challenges in their everyday lives.
Not a lot of people know that she had a career before she traded it in for shears. Katie was a social worker after college, but after becoming a stylist, she hasn’t looked back. She also has a beautiful daughter, Clementine, and a wonderful husband, Chance.

Come see Katie for a haircut and talk about all the wonderful things in life and be sure to catch the next Charisma Center Stage!

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