Hair techiniques

Which Color Fits Your Style?

There are so many hair color techniques it can be confusing. What does it all mean? Here’s your guide to figure out which color fits your style.


Hair by Charisma

The Balayage technique gives natural, sun kissed unstructured highlights by painting lightener freehand directly onto the hair. We start with finer strands at the scalp and then make the strands progressively thicker towards the ends of the strand, giving less noticeable regrowth lines.



Color weaves create finely woven, natural highlights that are placed very close to the scalp to blend and camouflage regrowth. Sections can be fine for a more natural effect or thicker for a chunkier, more dramatic look and are placed in foil packets to keep the colors separate. More than one hair color can be woven into the hair to lighten or darken the hair, creating a multi-dimensional effect. This technique is often used when a bigger color change with more than one color is wanted.


Hair by Charisma

In the ombre technique, hair is lightened from the middle to the bottom of the hair strand, graduating in color to be the densest in the bottom third of the hair. After lightening, a toner is applied to give the hair any tone desired. If a more blended look is what you’re after, the hair can be toned darker in the mid part of the hair and made light towards the end of the hair.

Hair by Charisma

Sombre is a “soft ombre,” softly transitioning from dark to light.


slicesSlices/panels are larger sections of hair that are highlighted, giving a bolder, edgier look. This technique is great for adding texture and depth in with heavily layered cuts or bobs.

We can help you decide which technique will bring out your inner beauty. Stop by or call us at 316-636-2900 (east) or 316-721-0091 to set up your complimentary consultation!


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