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New Service at Charisma West – Luxurious Lashes!

Have you always wanted long, luxurious lashes? Now you can have the lashes
you’ve always wanted with our amazing eyelash extensions. We apply individual
semi permanent eyelashes to add length and/or fullness to your lashes for looks
ranging from natural to glamorous. Extensions last for months with simple care and
an easy touch up to replace grown out lashes, every two to three weeks, keep your
lashes looking great.

Holiday introductory special!
Now through December 31, get 50 percent off lash extensions.

lavish lashes






Call 316-721-0091 for your complementary consultation.
(Offered at our west location at 7721 W. 21st Street only.)

Frequently Asked Questions about eyelash extensions:
Q. What do lash extensions look like, and how do they feel?
With the proper application, eyelash extensions look and feel like your
own lashes.

Q. How long do they last?
Eyelash extensions can last up to 2 months, depending on the natural
growth cycle of your eyelashes. The product we use is specially formulated
with a unique waterproof bonding agent that lasts longer than most other

Q. How many eyelashes will be applied?
Generally, for the most basic look, 40-50 individual eyelashes are needed
on each eye. For a full, glamorous set, 60 or more individual eyelashes per
eye can be applied.

Q. Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing Eyelash
Yes. The product we use allows you to swim, shower, exercise, and visit
our spa worry-free.

Q. Can I use mascara?
Water soluble mascara, like Aveda’s Mosscara, can be worn; however,
constant use of mascara may shorten the life-span of your lashes.
Waterproof mascara is not recommended, as it will dissolve the bond with
the eyelashes.

Q. How are they applied?
A single natural eyelash is isolated, and a synthetic lash is bonded to the
natural eyelash approximately 1mm from the eyelid, so neither the glue
nor the lash has contact with the skin.

Q. How long does the application take?
The service takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a full set, approximately 45 minutes
for a half set, and 1 hour for a refill. It is a meticulous procedure that
requires patience and concentration, so it should not be rushed. You can
relax with your eyes closed, and it’s painless. Often clients are so relaxed
they fall asleep.

Q. Can I still wear eye makeup?
Yes, but you won’t need mascara, and you may find that you won’t need
eyeliner. Eyeliner and eye shadows can still be used as usual.

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