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No Time for Yourself?

Beauty on DemandAs if our lives couldn’t get any busier, here is October, busy with school work every night, something big going on every weekend and the holidays right around the corner!

We know it’s hard to find time to get laundry done, let alone do something nice for yourself. That’s why we offer our super fast Beauty on Demand services. These quick and amazing treatments take only 15 minutes and are easy on the budget. Best of all, you don’t have to plan ahead to schedule these services. We’re usually able to work you in, when you find yourself with a little extra time.

Give us a call at 316-721-0091 (west) or 316-636-2900 (east) for a little treat. No tricks.

Here are our fabulous Beauty on Demand Services!

Glow   $35              15 minutes
Plant-based exfoliating facial peel to add a glow.

Brighten  $25         15 minutes
Mini facial to brighten discoloration and sun damage.

Restore  $25                    15 minutes
Mini anti-aging treatment facial with instant results.

Balance $10           15 minutes
Relaxing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage incorporating Chakra Balancing Body Mists.

Renew $10             15 minutes
Exfoliating and moisturizing hand massage treatment.

Refresh $15 for men, $20 for women   15 minutes
A swift, clean cut to bring life into your new style.

Reawaken $40        45 minutes
A rejuvenation color service to reawaken your life. (Maximum 10 sections.)

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